a program initiative of the WordScapes Trust.

About us

Delhi Contemporary (DC) is a program initiative of the WordScapes Trust. The Trust is a collective of academics based in Delhi and trained in Sociology. The Department of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics is a connecting thread amongst all of them. While each member of DC has varying research interests and approaches, what brings them together is a commitment to the question of the social as it unfolds in the contemporary. Delhi Contemporary believes exploring the social invites research, thought and deliberation in an interactive and collaborative effort.

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Travelling Classroom

Self, Techne and the Biopolitical

Travelling Classroom on “Self, Techne and the Biopolitical” hosted by Delhi Contemporary in collaboration with IIT Delhi.

17th – 21st January 2019.

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RC 21 Delhi 2019

RC 21 Conference on “In and Beyond the City: Emergent Ontologies, Persistent Challenges, Hopeful Futures” 18th -21st September 2019.

RC 21 Delhi 2019 is hosted by Delhi Contemporary in Collaboration with Research Committee 21 (Sociology of Urban and Regional Development) of the International Sociological Association and Centre for Policy Research Delhi (CPR) and Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD).

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