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Delhi Contemporary (DC) is a program initiative of the WordScapes Trust. The Trust is a collective of academics based in Delhi and trained in Sociology. The Department of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics is a connecting thread amongst all of them. While each member of DC has varying research interests and approaches, what brings them together is a commitment to the question of the social as it unfolds in the contemporary. Delhi Contemporary believes exploring the social invites research, thought and deliberation in an interactive and collaborative effort.

The social world that contemporary life is immersed in, is a collage of times pasts, presents and futures as much as it is about a positioning in particular geographies, locations and place. Yet, when we move with time, our understanding of the social becomes complex, moving from conventional categories of religion, politics, cultures and economies towards more acutely sensitive, nuanced and denser pursuits of the social. We are led towards amalgamations of the material and visual, of science and technology, of media and data, art and aesthetics, creativity and innovation, consumptions and dispossessions " an interminable list in the living and experiencing of the social. Our excitement in finding ways of approaching such an understanding; finding ways of documenting and facilitating such understandings; in addition to disseminating in focused ways the vast social science repertoire of information and knowledge is what brings us together as Delhi Contemporary.

Intending to work with and learn from all kinds of practices, fields, approaches, histories and geographies and committing ourselves to an intellectual rigour, our collective invites participation and collaboration in a variety of ways; in research, writing, performance, art, aesthetics, materiality, visuality, living and experiences and any other such form and venture, which suggests a discovery of the social as it captures the contemporary. We work in partnerships with individuals, universities, societies, organizations and any other conducive forum.

Our work itinerary at DC consists of the following at the moment:

Travelling Classroom: This is a discussion space aimed at bringing together students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and research intentions with faculty (from India and abroad) on innovative social science areas, especially those that do not find focus in usual disciplinary pedagogic environments. Conceived as a classroom space, it aims to bring together students and teachers (and others) from multiple backgrounds, who may not have the opportunity to meet each other, in milieus and formats that enable intellectual participation and exchange across and beyond institutional boundaries.

Open Access multidisciplinary Social Science journal: We want to run an open access peer reviewed journal seeking to establish a forum from Delhi, aimed at a global audience although not limited to research and writing on or from South Asia. We encourage writing on specific themes as well as invite discussions, interviews, reviews and other areas that are a reflection of the Collective's core intent.

Hosting Academic Events: Organise and host workshops, conferences and other academic events in collaboration with other institutions, in areas that allow a thematic response to the questions our collective seeks to work with.