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The Travelling Classroom (TTC) is a program designed in the format of short courses and schools varying from three day to two week duration. The program is aimed at bringing students and practitioners from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, locations and research interests in interaction with faculty from India and abroad on innovative social science questions. The thematic focus of these schools will be on areas which are not usually a part of regular curriculum within a university structure. Conceived as a classroom space, it aims to bring together practitioners from multiple backgrounds who, in usual academic environments and institutions, may not have the opportunity to meet each other. The program aims to create milieus and formats that enable intellectual participation and exchange across and beyond institutional boundaries.

Universities and other institutes of higher learning, especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences work on a broad rubric of research interests often determined by faculty specialization and strengths, administrative constraints and a binding curricular framework. Given this structure and considering the ever burgeoning fields of research areas, all scholarly pursuits are never fulfilled in one physical space of learning. Delhi Contemporary as a program initiative of WordScapes Trust would like to contribute to this gap and introduce the possibility of discussing current or long sustained concerns and debates from within the field of social sciences and humanities to complement the already existing structure and syllabi of a University in a format that is accessible, possible and does not have any kind of institutional constraint.

TTC is an experiment to see if ideas and thought could weave diverse physical spaces together through a program where we bring together specific sets of senior researchers and renowned faculty to conduct classes and workshops on particular thematic orientations for various kinds of student constituencies across different places both within and outside the country. The program is aimed to deliver excellence by tapping the expertise of select faculty spread across specific locations across the world. The idea is to make available, expertise and experience for students and others in the current location of their affiliation and work. The meeting point between students and faculty will be specific topics, questions and areas that do not find focus in usual disciplinary pedagogic environments.

All of us as members of Delhi Contemporary are engaged in the profession of teaching and are hence committed to re-imagine and experiment with both content and styles of teaching. The Travelling Classroom for us, is in a way, a first step towards envisioning this possibility.

The first Travelling Classroom:
"Self, Techne and the Biopolitcal" in collaboration with IIT Delhi, 17th - 21st of January 2019. | Apply here

  1. Timothy Campbell (Department of Italian Studies, Cornell University)
  2. Yasmeen Arif (Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics)
  3. V. Sanil (Department of Philosophy, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)
  4. Sundar Sarukkai (NIAS, Bangalore)
  5. Soumyabrata Choudhury (SAA, Jawarharlal Nehru University)